Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Confidential to Cross-Dressing German Mutant Lover in Oklahoma

Dear Folks who've found my blog via Googling "uncanny x-men #495 angelina jolie scan" or something similar,

We here at The LookOut hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at no point in issue #495 of Uncanny X-Men do you get to see Kurt Wagner stuck as Angelina Jolie, due to Wolverine's playful hacking of his image inducer. Alas, there is no humorous depiction of a mutant man stuck in woman's body or, if you're here for slightly sad and squicky reasons, any comic book depictions of the lovely Mrs. Jolie's body.

Kurt "Angelina Jolie" Wagner is not portrayed in comic form at all - save for an obscured panel of a celebrity magazine, wherein a pranked Kurt is trying not to be photographed next to a bemused Colossus. Since we at The LookOut hate to disappoint completely, here is that page with that singular panel presented for your enjoyment. Enjoy the lower right hand panel with my compliments.

You're welcome.

And since we believe in BONUS VIDEO CONTENT here at The LookOut, enjoy these trailers for Wanted, which you may or may not know was (increasingly loosely) based on a comic book mini-series and co-stars the inimitable Mrs. Jolie -

I hope that this post has made your lives a little brighter, where the Haiku Reviews that drew you here by accident could not.

Your Friend In Comics Blogging,

K. D. Bryan

Confidential to The Person who found my blog via a Google search for "Placed in a small room with a ravenous black panther",



That is the best search term EVAH.

You, my friend, are totally freakin' awesome . . . unless you were looking for scans of zombie Black Panther or something which wouldn't be nearly as cool.

Still - RESPECT.

Your Friend In Comics Blogging,

K. D. Bryan

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