Monday, February 11, 2008

On Necessity, Iron Man and Matt Fraction

Me: "Oh, God, they're doing another Iron Man title? Is that even necessary?"

Kay: "I thought that was out already and called Mighty Avengers-"

Me: "Wait, hold on - it's being written by Matt Fraction."

Kay: "Oh! Okay."

Me: "Yes. So, yeah - it is necessary. My bad. All things Matt Fraction related are necessary."

Seriously, folks, this is the the third best Iron Man news I could have ever imagined reading!
(The second best being that this title would be "Iron Man and The Order" by Matt Fraction and the hypothetical best thing being that Iron Man's new ongoing writer was going to be Adam "Hypervelocity" Warren. With art by Adi Granov.)


Jeff said...

I smell the foul stench of a short-lived movie-marketing monthly tie-in hovering around the new "Iron Man" monthly.

Oh, no, wait - those are just the toes on the new Iron Man armor.

WTF? Toes?


Why God?!


K. D. Bryan said...

Tcch. Such (wholly accurate) cynicism for one so young! Nevertheless . . .

*squints at preview pages*

Hmmmmm. Those ARE metal toes of a sort, yes - but they small, stubby and there's only two of them. They are akin to . . . *dramatic pause* DINOSAUR TOES.

So in answer to your question, "WHY?!?": Tony Stark is now part Velociraptor. I hope that helps.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the wacky adventures of Mad Science Dinosaur Iron Man. Extremis plus Dino DNA ='s HILARITY.
(Keep in mind that I trust that any insanity from the mind of Matt Fraction ='s HILARITY)