Thursday, February 7, 2008

14 Comic Book Couples I Love - Part 9

Or more accurately, 1 Comic Book Couple I Like but Kay Loves. Enjoy a slightly different version of my 14 Comic Book Couples I Love today, thanks to a quotable conversation with my charmingly insufferable friend Kay . . .

10. Apollo & The Midnighter

Me: "So yeah, I'm writing about the top 14 comic book couples I love in honor of Valentine's Day."

Kay: "Oh, okay. So naturally, knowing you, you're including CUT FOR SPOILERS and CUT FOR SPOILERS?"


Kay: "And Apollo and the Midnighter, yah?"

Me: "Well, they're all right, but I prefer Pryde & Wisdom if I'm going to write about an Ellis couple. Besides, there's other couples I like better with more backstory."

Kay: "Fuck that! Apollo and Midnighter are awesome!"

Me: "Kay, c'mon - you almost never see them so much as kiss! Midnighter's so pissed off all the time he barely talks to his husband in his own title and they're always fighting more than they're ever making love. They're barely a couple!"

Kay: "Exactly!"

Me: "What? Whaddya mean, 'exactly'?"

Kay: "Well, you've got to have at least one couple that's like a real married relationship. Believe me, I speak from experience."

Me: " . . . touché, miss. Touché."

(I swear, that woman turns every conversation into a comic-book themed version of Something Positive without even trying)

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