Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Emma Frost and The X-Men! Oh, and Wolverine

So Kalinara found out from Blog@Newsarama about the upcoming Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon series.

Now I've been tracking the Wikipedia page about this out of morbid curiosity for some time now and let me tell you, I've mostly just been intrigued at the thought of somebody animating Emma Frost as an honest-to-God part of the X-Men. While I also liked the adult Nightcrawler who was in the promo pic (that has mysteriously vanished from said page), Emma Frost has always been one of my favorite characters and I'm excited about any media portrayal of her. Well, except for that Generation X TV-Movie. That hurt my soul.

Now, there's a lot of reasons to be tetchy and disinterested in this series, I admit. Wolverine? Kinda overexposed - to the point where people groan profanities on sight. I still think the new X-Force title is going to be nothing but unintentional satire. And teen villain Rogue? Double blecch. I like her as an adult heroine with pathos, thank you (even though Anna Paquin is always awesome).

And God help you if your fandom doesn't care for the X-Men films, Evolution or possibly even the Ultimate 'verse. The thought of a group of X-Men sans Jean and Professor X but with teen Iceman might not be your cup of tea. I, for one, am even more excited because this means that Emma Frost is now the only telepath left. God, if only this series was Emma Frost & The X-Men. Just imagine the possibilities! They could have made it just as grim and gritty as if Captain AngstClaws was in charge, only much more droll (or so I like to think).

Of course, I'm just speculating on one trailer and one rapidly mutating Wikipedia page, so I should probably shut my geeky mouth while I'm ahead.

Also, I'm a total hypocrite when it comes to the whole "Wolverine is overexposed BLAH" bandwagon . . . because I'm seriously looking forward to Logan by Brian "The K. stands for Kick-Ass writer" Vaughan and Eduardo "I was born to draw Wolverine" Risso.

There's maybe five writers and artists who could make me pick up a Wolverine title and these guys are in the top five. Vaughan's seriously the first writer since Whedon and Rucka to make me want to see what happens to Wolverine (I always thought Rucka's run on Wolverine was underrated, if just for the beautiful Darick Robertson art). Ever since seeing Risso's work for the first time in 100 Bullets, I've wanted to see his take on certain established Marvel Characters, with Wolverine at the top of that list.

But back to the topic at hand - Wolverine & The X-Men? I'm going to watch and see - if just for Emma Frost.

How about all of you?


Confusingly Inappropriate X-Men Theme Song!

Confusingly Japanese X-Men Theme Songs!


Ami Angelwings said...

That Japanese X-men opening is so cool!!! xDD

What's with Storm and Rogue framing Xavier tho? :O That was very random!

K. D. Bryan said...

Thanks! I ETA this to include the 2nd anime-style opening out there as well. :D Enjoy!

Japanese Professor Xavier has low self-esteem and needs constant attention from beautiful women. It's actually very sad. :P

Ami Angelwings said...


That Cyclops/Jean/Wolvie standing/sitting in some mountainside at night looking all sad iS SOOOO STEREOTYPICALLY ANIME!!!


I laughed :D

Was this just the Japanese opening to a dubbed version of the Fox show or something else, cuz the openings make the show look SO COOL!


K. D. Bryan said...

I know! :D My favorite anime cliche moment was the Magneto/Prof. X energy blast-off.

Prof. X: "CEREBRO! What's the reading on his POWER LEVEL?"



I think these were just the Japanese openings to the 90's animated show but I prefer to remain unsure - mostly because the disappointment of learning that there was no awesome anime to go along with these intros would make me sad inside. :P

Ami Angelwings said...

Then I hate to ruin your fantasy but apparently it was just the super awesome opening to the dubbed version of the Fox show :\

It's like how in PS1 games you'd have like super kickass FMV scenes and openings and then the game would look way worse XD And it'd be so dissapointing!

What's with the nearly naked pic of storm in the ending credits? o_O

And how come our openings and endings to shows aren't this cool!!???

Plus something about the anime "next time on" bits just make the show seem so much cooler to me :o

Also apparently Batman: The Animated Series is too complex for Japanese viewers without a narration in the opening sequence. xD

SallyP said...

Ok, I'll have to admit that I'll probably be picking up the Vaughn/Risso "Logan" series. But the Mark Millar one, has me seriously spooked.

K. D. Bryan said...

Aw, nuts. :( So much for my beautiful dream of X-Men anime madness with supercool endings, 'next times' and openings. At least I now know there's X-Men Manga from the end of that bumper you just linked to. Manga Rogue is strangely adorable. :)

What's with the nearly naked pic of Storm in the ending credits? o_O

I'm not sure but the answer is almost always "Chris Claremont".

Man, I totally wanna know what he's saying with the overdramatic Bat-Narration. :D

SallyP, I failed to mention that for a reason . . . and that reason is that I've been in horrified denial about it. I try not to judge stories before they come out but wow, this sounds terrible. I mean, "Spider-Bitch"? Ugh. There's a chance it'll read as black comedy but I doubt it.

Funny, really, given that I actually liked "Enemy of the State". Millar's wild inconsistency makes my head hurt.