Friday, February 1, 2008

Indie, Indie, Funky

The delightful and talented D0nna Tr0y was kind enough to point out that they're making a Tori Amos tribute comic book - an anthology with works inspired by her songs. As a big Tori fan, I'm pretty damn enthused about this. The art should be nothing short of amazing. Two of the collaborators are Lea Hernandez and Pia Guerra, so bam, I'm sold. Everything else is just gravy - Delicious Tori Amos Gravy!
. . . that came out way grosser than it sounded in my head. Sorry.
Here's a pretty picture from the upcoming book to make up for my grossness:

Also of note: Baby's First Mythos!

Some of sort of mad genius named C. J. Henderson has created this baby book to educate your toddler about their cuddly pal, Cthulu. Finally a comic you can give to your kids! (Preferably under the light of a gibbous moon, beneath the remnants of a rotting pier.)

And on a completely non-indie yet awesomely funky note, please enjoy this musical montage of 1970's-style Superheroines!


D0nnaTr0y said...

LOVE the montage!! It was exactly what I needed to get me moving this morning!

(and yeah, I copied you and posted it, too!)

K. D. Bryan said...

Glad to hear you dug it!

(and good! It flat-out DEMANDS to be copied and posted as many places as possible. :D)