Friday, February 1, 2008

K. D. Loves Grant Morrison

So maybe I've gone a little overboard with the photoshopping here, but in a one-two punch of awesome news, it has been pointed out to me that Grant Morrison has ACTUALLY LISTENED TO TEH INTERWEB!!! OMFG!!1!

He has presented a brief glimpse of a Batcave containing a memorial for Stephanie "Spoiler" Brown in a recent issue of Batman (even if it is a sort of dream sequence)! I tip my hat to the wonderful ladies over at Girl-Wonder and When Fangirls Attack for keeping the faith.

And after eating my serving of humble pie for thinking DC was going to shaft us on a Girl Robin Case forever, I also found out today that he ended up using Emma Frost in his New X-Men run as a result of a fan's suggestion on his message board. I mean, wow. That's damned cool.

Morrison? I know you're listening right now - what with the 'actually caring about what us Internet types have to say' and/or the drug-induced Shamanistic connection to the collective unconscious - so I just wanted to say thank you.

Thanks for revitalizing Emma Frost and putting her together with Scott Summers, thus creating the most interesting relationship I've read in a Marvel comic for a very long time (and making Cyclops more interesting to me as a character by proxy). Thanks for New X-Men because, among many other reasons for loving it, it resulted in the creation of Astonishing X-Men which I absolutely adore.

Thanks for Animal Man, both post-modern and non, and his loving suburban family.

Thanks for Evil Skeets because that phrase is just flat-out hilarious to say out loud. "EVIL SKEETS!"

Thank you also for the awesomely trippy series called The Invisibles and the characters within, even though I haven't managed to find the fourth volume at the library yet.

Thanks for giving us fans an image of hope, however fleeting.

. . . Aaaaand I think I just used up my yearly quota of politeness, hope about the Internet to make real change and sycophancy. Back to my cynical hatred of all things before I run out of this emotion humans call "love" before Valentine's Day.


As you may know, I'm not the only one who creates homoerotic Spider-Man joke art - there's a longstanding tradition of comedy gold already in place.

And in the spirit of cheap comedy, here's another easy joke about Spider-Man, this time referencing his unfailing love of Mary Jane (on a serious side note, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is actually quite lovely and worth checking out. I'm definitely picking it up in regular issue form once Terry Moore comes onboard):

NSFW lyrics, just FYI

And since I like to pretend I have too much class for cheap jokes, here's a Spidey/MJ video with a song I actually listen to regularly:

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