Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A brief note on a new title from Joss Whedon

Hey, have you guys seen this preview for a brand-new Marvel series from Joss Whedon called "Runaways"?

I'm always happy to see new work from Whedon but what's with this "#30" business? Some kind of surreal marketing tactic like Booster Gold #0? I think it's kinda crazy for him to start this "in media res" but I guess it worked out pretty well for his Angel Season 6 series. Still, from the preview pages, this looks pretty complex for new readers to just jump into. Who are all these Victorian moppets and time-traveling mutants? I do like the art, even if I have no idea who these characters are. I especially like the look of this "Nico" character - very original design!

Speaking of the characters - a Skrull? This better not be one of those stupid Secret Invasion crossovers. Plus, another lesbian couple - wow, what a surprise from Joss Whedon. I love your devotion to GLBA stuff, sir, but c'mon, isn't it high time you create a male couple in love? I mean, really.

Still, these "Runaways" seem pretty unique and fun as a whole. This "Molly" character in particular seems like a riot. At least people can't accuse him of riffing on Buffy again with these guys.

So, are any of you going to give this new title a try? I know I am!

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