Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feeding the Comics Jones - 2/20/08

Assuming I'm not feeling too crappy to make my way to the comics shop on Wednesday, here's what I'm buying . . .

ANGEL AFTER THE FALL #4 - After the last issue's last page reveal, I'm totally over the moon for this series. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Whedonverse bad-assery I've been missing terribly.

CHECKMATE #23 - There's rumors afoot that Rucka may leave this title, which saddens me. Still, Mr. Trautmann seems more than capable of bringing the awesome by his lonesome.

- I'm a sucker for the film noir aesthetic and you can tell Dini's having a lot of fun with this one.

- You know, after reading the previews, I'm still kind of horrified that a comic is going to exist wherein Doom has a sex life. *shudder* I'll be buying this with a very hesitant, terrified look in my eyes.

- You all know that I kid because I love. But seriously, it's about freakin' time. I've been jonesing for Molly Hayes-related awesome.

- Guys, this series is awesome and there's a trade of the first few issues out this Wednesday as well. Maybe if y'all decide to buy the trade in droves, we can get a stay of execution on the cancellation! . . . And magical unicorns that crap gold doubloons will fly out of the moon. *sigh*

ULTIMATE HUMAN #2 - Peter Wisdom versus Iron Man and Crazy Hulk. Ah, bliss.

What I'm NOT Buying This Week:

Ultimates 3 #3 - I just realized that Loeb isn't trying to be deliberately funny with this title. :( Luckily, this frees up a slot for Blue Beetle, which I should have been reading ages ago from what everybody's told me (thanks, SallyP!).

Justice League of America #18, Catwoman #76
- You know, if you'd told me two years ago that I wouldn't be purchasing either of these titles, I'd have called you a filthy liar. What a difference a series of crossovers make. *sigh* I should totally just start picking up Casanova and The Immortal Iron Fist instead.

What YOU Should Be Buying This Week:

GEN 13 TP VOL 02 - ROAD TRIP - Gail Simone. Wacky teenagers. Brutal murders. The Authoriteens. Doooooooo it! Please, please, please? I don't want another one of my favorite titles going the way of The Order or Welcome to Tranquility.

ORDER TP VOL 01 - NEXT RIGHT THING - Matt Fraction writes a Superteam based in L.A. What else must I say?

How about y'all?


SallyP said...

Oh yes, free up that slot for Blue Beetle!

I would be sorry to see Mr. Rucka leave Checkmate however.

K. D. Bryan said...

Consider it freed! :)

I'd be depressed as well, certainly, but as long as it frees him up for more Brubaker Team-Ups on Daredevil and maybe a shot at writing Birds of Prey, I can learn to live with it. I just hope they don't cancel Checkmate altogether, the lousy so-and-so's. *crosses fingers*