Saturday, March 29, 2008

Limerick Reviews for 03/26/08

Feeling a bit more up to snuff, so here goes nothing . . .


Daredevil #106 - Ed Brubaker & Paul Azaceta - B-

There once was a blind guy named Matt
Whose love life was never all-that
His wife's now a nut
Life's kicking his butt
But all of this? Frankly, old-hat.

Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash #6 - James Kuhoric & Jason Craig - C-

There once was a guy named Freddy
Whose wit was always quite ready
Not so in this book
The good lines Ash took
Feel disappointed, not heady.

She-Hulk #27 - Peter David & Val Semeiks - D+

There once was an jackass named Stark
Whom Jen slept with quite on a lark
He lied to her face
Put her cousin in space
One "I'm sorry."? Not in the ballpark.

All-Star Superman #10 - Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely - A+ - Chris Sims agrees - YOU MUST BUY THIS COMIC

There once was a man named Clark Kent
Who thought his life would soon be spent
In his final days
He prepares some ways
To give the world things heaven-sent.

Ultimate Spider-Man #120 - Brian Michael Bendis & Stuart Immonen - B+

There once was a girl named Liz
Brand-new to the whole mutant biz
Over her front yard
Magneto tries hard
But fails the X-Men/Spidey Quiz.


"Visual Imaginations Lead to Suffering"

First, post-coital Doom
Now, implied Blob sex, Bendis?
My bile tastes like tears.

Star Trek - New Frontier: Second Stage #1 - Peter David & Stephen Thompson - C+

There once was a Captain Calhoun
Who made Kirk look like a poltroon
While the story's fun -
Timeship on the run -
It's lost in a geeky cocoon.

Ultimate Human #3 - Warren Ellis & Cary Nord - A

There once was a chap named Peter
Who wanted to be a world-beater
Queen and Country's loss
His huge brain is cross
Since they won't play Follow The Leader.

Army of Darkness/Xena: Warrior Princess - Why Not? #1 - John Layman & Miguel Montenegro - A-

There once was a fella named Ash
Trouble stuck to him like a rash
Into Xena's land
Minus one hand
Dynamite? You just earned my cash.

World War Hulk: Aftersmash! Damage Control #3 - Dwayne McDuffie & Salva Espin - B+

The Chrysler Building comes to life
And thinks about stirring up strife
After some debate
He decides to wait
While superfolk play Barney Fife

Blue Beetle #25 - John Rogers & Rafael Albuquerque - A+ - SallyP Agrees - YOU MUST BUY THIS COMIC

There was a young man from El Paso
Who kicked much alien ass-o
With JLI guests
He passed all the tests
It's tighter than Wondy's lasso.


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Glad you liked 'em! And thanks for posting so much of the awesomeness that was Blue Beetle #25! It's so nice to have visual aides to show people why this book rocks. :D