Friday, March 14, 2008

And That's What Everyone's Talking 'Bout!

Lately, there seems to be an odd trend of Comics Bloggers demonstrating their love/awareness of pop hits.

Beaucoup Kevin has posted the new anime-style Britney Spears video.

Over at the Invincible Super-Blog, Chris Sims incites debate about exactly how much better the William Shatner cover of "Common People" is than the original, via the use of Archie Photoshop Excellence. Bonus points - I finally got to hear the original version of the song thanks to his linkage. Gotta say, I think I finally found something to put me to sleep in the wee hours. Thanks, Sims!

And not to be left out, Blog@Newsarama has revealed that the awesome and talented Gail Simone has created a 92-page, $12.99 comic that is entirely about . . . THIS:

What Blog@Newsarama fails to report is that other famous comics creators applied for the job and were turned down.

I hear Alan Moore was devastated that his take on the story was considered "too adult" by Miss Lavigne.

(See? Look how sad he is. Alan Moore is a Sad Panda)

Raina Telgemeier - who found out about the whole thing after Simone got the job - was quoted as saying the following:
"I'll [expletive deleted] gut you like a [expletive deleted] fish on Good Friday, Simone! Nobody works adorable pre-teens and teen American digest formats but ME, bitch! Stay off my [expletive deleted] turf or I'll [expletive deleted] you with a [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] until you bleed [expletive deleted]! [expletive deleted]!!!"

(I hear she's killed at least 20 men in cold blood. True story.)

Oh, and Grant Morrison's plot twist that Avril was both the Girlfriend who she stole from and the new Girlfriend herself was rejected as "too meta". Pity.

(They also hated the whole "The Boyfriend is Evil" twist. Philistines.)

: If you dig around this carnival of fanpeople boggling and posting "WTF?!?", you can actually find Gail Simone's quotes on the "why" of this project. To sum up - "Outreach, outreach, outreach." Which is something I can totally get behind, 'natch.

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