Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Workstroke, the Terminated

Well, ladies and gents, we here at The Lookout now find ourselves amongst the Employment Challenged. This, quite understandably, will put a dent in any future comic book purchasing and reviewing. Never fear, as I can just rock things Dave's Long Box-style as I organize and start selling off my massive comics collection.

And I'm sure another great job is just around the corner. Right, Wonder Woman?

. . . you're not exactly filling me with hope here, Wondy. I could always try starting up my own small business. Those always turn out well, right?

Yes, well, moving on . . .

On the bright side, I'm not alone in my search through the Classifieds section. The ongoing recession - oh, pardon me, ECONOMIC DOWNTURN - has given me plenty of company in the job search market. Even Power Girl's feeling the pinch and is out there looking for gainful employment.

You'd think not paying for gas would save her some cash. I mean, honestly. Kay's even mentioned that her first choice of superpower is the ability to fly - just because it's so economically feasible. She's a very bitter, boring, pragmatic soul.

And hey, you know what? If Whedon can finally put the last issue of his Astonishing X-Men run out, I can sure as hell can manage to finish a post from February on Emma and Scott, now can't I? Not like we at The LookOut have a lot else to do this week besides checking out Craigslist and setting up an eBay account.

Believe me when I say this - all of you can continue to expect more of the random, not terribly consistent (in either timeliness or quality) posts you've come to know and tolerate from The LookOut!


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