Wednesday, May 28, 2008

(Mildly Spoilery) Quick Notes on Recent Comics

- The new Serenity mini was fun but might have worked a little better as five issues instead of three. Oh, well. I got to see Preacher Book behead a robot and River hallucinate Delirium-style, so I consider my money well-spent. Your mileage may vary.

- Peter Parker, Paparazzi = CLASSY. Clearly, Brand New Day lets the writers tell all the Spider-Man stories that they couldn't tell back when Peter had a wife, scruples and intrinsic value as a human being.

- Avengers: The Initiative needs to stop being so surprisingly good all the time. It's making the other Marvel team books look bad. Seriously, New Warriors has locked itself in a bathroom stall and won't stop crying.

- If you're not reading The Twelve, you make The LookOut a Sad Panda.

- As far as taut, well-written superhero espionage stories go, that last issue of Checkmate was a pretty great half-an-Annual of The Incredible Hulk. I'm really looking forward to the Chimera/Abomination/Godzilla throwdown -

- Terry Moore's Echo is keeping my interest but I'm starting to get more of a "wait for the trade" feel from it with each passing issue. Still, cash-strapped as I am, I'll make sure to throw money at it and the other more indie comics on my list to make sure they keep going. Remember, if Helen Killer stops being published before they even hit their third issue, God will kill a bunch of adorable baby sloths. Specifically these Baby Sloths:

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Don't make God kill these Baby Sloths. Buy Helen Killer and Terry Moore's Echo. Drop one of your three Spider-Man titles if you have to but seriously - God doesn't make idle threats. Just ask the Egyptians, man. Dude's freakin' HARDCORE.

- And last but not least, while I have almost no idea what's going in Final Crisis (other than them killing off a favorite Leaguer of mine), I still continue to like it better than Secret Invasion.

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