Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I can feel my mind going, Dave

So, as the astute amongst you might have guessed, my computer is dying. This is the reason for the long delay between my last post and now. Don't worry - I've got my fingers crossed that a reformatting and a brand-spankin' new Linux operating system will save me.

On top of this, my refrigerator caught fire this week. Yes. In the freezer section. I think Satan is possessing all my electrical appliances.

But putting all that aside, the worst news of recent memory is that Dave's Long Box has shut down for good. In memory, I present this crappy photoshop tribute (you try being awesome with a dying computer):

I plan on paying a more in-depth tribute to the James Remar-esque legend of Dave Campbell as soon as my computer stops dying horribly . . . in that most sincere form of theftflattery - imitation! A week of nothing but delving into my long boxes awaits you all!*

. . .

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

*You know, after I finish my Emma Frost/Cyclops posts, catch up on my haikus and most importantly, review Blue Beetle entirely in Spanish just to annoy that asshole Dave. No, not Dave's Long Box 'Dave' - that guy. Yeah.


First said...

Wow, that is a terrible job even by MS Paint standards.

SallyP said...

Sorry about your fridge AND your computer. Two very necessary items to have working.

Yes, I'm all depressed about Dave's Longbox shutting down. Sims WON, dammit!

And as for that "other" Dave...he's a very very odd little man.

K. D. Bryan said...

First, I wish could blame the computer's problems for the entirety of the suck but the sad truth is that I suck at photoshop/art.

SallyP, God, yes. It's maddening, all of it.