Thursday, May 8, 2008

Emma Frost and The X-Men, Part 2

Comp's still dying an ugly death but I seem to have figured out a way to jury-rig it to work for more than a few minutes at a time. Sadly, my Tech Head friend Jim is too SARS-infected for me to come near him and ask for help getting a copy of Linux to install. Do send him positive vibes, folks. Or money. I think he'd actually prefer money.

Still, screwed up as this comp is, I can't let something this awesome go unmentioned - ANIMATED EMMA FROST!

Which is to say, new Wolverine and The X-Men Trailer!

I know I already went kinda gaga about this a while back but that was when I thought A) this was just going to be some sort of Movie/X-Men: Evolution mash-up without knowing B) how much Emma Frost was going to be used. Clearly, I was wrong about a lot of things.

Dust! Mojo! Days of Freakin' Future Past, people! I don't even know who that goatee guy in the final X-Men group shot is and I DON'T CARE. This is an expansive, interesting take that's got my attention.


- Emma's voice? Quite nicely done. Plus, the Astonishing uniform AND the diamond mutation? I'm in heaven. Plus, this whole new Rebound Scott/Unimpressed Emma interplay makes me smirk.

- Beast also sounds exactly like Beast should - which is to say, Kelsey Grammar-esque.

- MOJO! He and Arcade are honestly my favorite X-Men villains, simply because they guarantee a lot of hilarity and face-kicking.

- Days of Future Past used as Terminator-style motivation for Wolvie to lead the X-Men? Okay, I admit it - I'm in. I wasn't sold on the concept until just now but this? This intrigues me.



- Teen Rogue. I don't like Teen Rogue. I've never liked Teen Rogue, no matter how awesome a job Anna Paquin did portraying her in the X-Films. Just - no thank you. The tragedy of Rogue having to have lived for so long without touching anybody loses something if she's just an whiny, emo teen. More importantly, I miss the big, badass Mississippi Marauder who loves flying around and punching people in the face a lot, cracking wise and calling people "Sugah" all the time-
. . . Yes, my 90's roots are showing.

- Teen Iceman. I don't like Teen . . . Fiiiiiiiine. *sighs* Bobby Drake is a teenager's name anyways. Let's be honest - it is kinda pathetic to go by Bobby once you get any older than 18.

- Evil Madrox army? Booooooooooo. Madrox should be snarky and fun, dammit.

- From what I can tell from this and the other promo that got taken down, Domino is now a villain and unusually . . . healthy. Neither of these, ah, developments please me.

- Avalanche's facial hair reminds me rather hilariously of Lawrence from Office Space. Makes me think that Blob will sound exactly like Milton and subsequently imagine a Magneto that sounds like Bill Lumbergh.
. . . God, now that I think about it, this actually belongs in the THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME column.

Your thoughts, gang?


First said...

When I was younger I always thought Mojo was a hideously fat woman, so when I owned the toy from the old animated series I wondered why they didn't put a shirt on her.

Toys were my only real experience with the X-Men as I didn't like the X-Men back then either. Why I had X-Men toys I'll never really know except that when you're six Wolverine is still really cool.

K. D. Bryan said...

You know, one might consider your childhood version of Mojo to be subtly more disturbing than the original. Of course, as a result of having reread Sandman: Brief Lives so many times, the image of a grotesquely pale, stout, overweight naked woman has lost any power to cause shock or dismay in me. I even had Jill Thompson sketch a chibi version of Despair for me because I assumed she was tired of drawing Death and Delirium-

. . . I'm sorry, I think I strayed from your original topic. I'm very, very tired.