Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Bottomless Past

Hey, folks! Still sick but I thought I'd mention that yours truly has the honor of being a featured "Wednesday Motivator" over at MyBottomlessCup, the blog of extremely talented musician and comic book enthusiast Kelly Fenton. The pictures included in her interview (and the ones in this post) are actually from six years ago, so I feel I should clarify things a bit about the goings-on in said photos.

1. I lost that sweater shortly after these photos were taken. I still miss it, even if it did make me look twenty pounds heavier.

2. I was maybe a trifle drunk on fine Scotch in one of those photos.

3. While Judd Winick's Black Canary/Green Arrow has proven more than a bit upsetting (I seriously dislike that editorially enforced pairing), the man himself and his charming wife Pam are both grand, gracious people. And if anybody says an unkind word about Pedro And Me, well, we're gonna have to have a knife fight.
Ditto to a lesser degree about Barry Ween: Boy Genius and the early run of Exiles.

4. Isotope Comics can throw one HELLUVA kick-ass shindig. Thanks again for a memorable birthday, James Sime.

5. This was also the first time I started my birthday tradition of traveling to a city I'd never been to before. So far, it's worked out pretty well 80% of the time. I can proudly say that I've now gotten lost on the bus in five states!

6. Warren Ellis will not actually murder you in the face if you approach him politely, make no sudden movements and do not get in-between him and his Scotch.
In seriousness, he's a great conversationalist and was kind enough to sign a Jenny Sparks action figure for Nerdy Sis Kay and the 1st Volume of Transmet & Planetary trades for yours truly. Not joking about getting between him and his Scotch tho'. James Sime lost an eye that night and he was one of the lucky ones.

7. Incidentally, Transmetropolitan: Back On the Streets and Sandman: Brief Lives are the only GNs I own signed by both the writer and the artist . . . even though both writers are originally from the UK. Weird.

8. Yes, those are toilet seats on the wall. It's an Isotope tradition to have artists sketch on a toilet seat and then hang the results on the wall afterwards. Hilarity always ensues.
Sharp-eyed readers may also notice the Lone Wolf & Cub series behind us, which I love to death. I don't know if I picked up my first volume there but I'm sure it was sometime around then I started reading it.

9. Yes, Wonder Woman would totally smack down Superman in a fight and I dare you to try and convince me otherwise.

10. My declaring that "my name was Kevin, I was from Denver and today was my Birthday!" to everyone I met that night subsequently inspired a 330-something odd message board thread simply entitled "KEVIN!". Apparently, I made quite the impression (and accidentally showed up in like, 25 different people's photos).
Yes, I still take pride in being accidentally famous on the Internet for five minutes. And now I run a popular* comics blog! Truly, I live out my dreams on a daily basis.

11. I really should be asleep and doped up on cold medicine right now. Good night, everybody and thanks again to MyBottomlessCup for the chance to wax on and on about comics. :)

*"Look Out! Here Comes a Comics Blog!" was officially decreed popular by Kelly Fenton on 01/21/09. It is TOO, popular. Shut up.


D0nnaTr0y said...

Great clarifications! What an awesome idea- to travel to a new city on your birthday! I like that... I may copy you on that! :)

K. D. Bryan said...

Thanks! And it really is a great tradition. I haven't always had the money to do so but it's a lot of fun and always makes for a memorable birthday. Feel free to copy me! And have fun! :)

The Nerdy Bird said...

In the same room as Warren Ellis and Scotch. You were taking your life in your hands. :P

K. D. Bryan said...

Well, Nerdy Bird, I do live on the edge and play by my own rules. :P