Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goodbye, productivity! Hello, Hulu!

Hulu, the site where you can watch TV for free after Lex Luthor tells you to buy things*, has just put up so many of my Geek TV favorites that I don't think I'll ever write another word.
(hey, if Kalinara can blog about TV, I think I'm good here)

Sure, you've got the obvious staples I already watch or own on DVD but there's also the gloriously obscure and geeky shows. We're talking stuff Fox canceled here, people. So far, the only obscure shows I love they don't have are Wonderfalls (a.k.a. the show Bryan Fuller did before Pushing Daisies and writing some of the only great episodes of Heroes) and Due South (1 Mountie, 1 Chicago Cop, 1 Deaf Lip-reading Wolf). They also fail at hosting The Middleman, which is, quite simply the most amusing comic book action show ever put on TV but I can forgive them. Almost.

Here's just a taste of Hulu's bounty:

John Doe - an amnesiac who is a walking Google box solves crimes. Surprisingly fun.

Death Note
- if you like anime and cat and mouse games with supernatural stuff, this is your cuppa tea. A bit too clever for it's own good at times but annoyingly compelling.

Freakin' Sliders, people. The show is about several delicious mini-burgers who travel from alternate universe to alternate universe, hoping against hope that the next leap will be the next- oh, you get the idea.

American Gothic - One of the most deliciously creepy TV shows I think I've ever seen on television, period. You will belief the boss from Office Space can murder you in your sleep.

The vastly underappreciated New Amsterdam - I usually hate shows about immortal people but this story of a cop who can't die until he finds true love was cheesy and charming in all the right ways (and before you even mention it, yes, they also have Forever Knight). Why they canceled it, I can't say - people just liked it better that way.

There's also the obscure yet strangely awesome Saturday Morning Cartoon Project G.eeK.e.R. - which, much like the Matrix, has to be seen to be experienced.

But most awesome of all, they have obscure comic book TV shows up the wazoo, some of which I've never even seen.
The Incredible Hulk, complete with sad piano music? Check.
The Crow: Stairway To Heaven? Check.
Swamp Thing? Good Lord, really? Also, check.
Mr. Justice and Powerful Girl? Uh . . . check. Who are they again?

And most importantly, live action episodes of The Tick! While it never quite measured up to the glorious lunacy of the animated version, it still holds a place of joy in my heart.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go fail at writing anything ever again.

*To add humor to your Hulu viewing experience, make sure to shake your fist at the screen every time Clancy Brown tries to sell you something, shouting "I'll never buy your DAMN 'fill in product name/attribute here', LUTHOR!" in your best Tim Daly voice.

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