Sunday, April 13, 2008

Haiku Reviews for 04/09/08

Since the people have spoken*, it's time for more Haiku Reviews!

Booster Gold #8 - Geoff Johns & Jeff Katz and Dan Jurgens - A

Wild Dog and Pantha
Help Booster fight Maxwell Lord
Poor cannon fodder!

Echo #2 - Terry Moore - B+

Chrome bra that shocks docs
Can impede one's dating life
Also, divorce sucks.

Batman: Death Mask - Yoshinori Matsume - B-

Pretty straightforward
Good 'Legends of Dark Knight' feel
I'll keep on reading.

Wonder Woman #19 - Gail Simone & Bernard Chang - A

"Swamp Thing Say Relax"!
Kooky teen girl Green Lantern!
Simone? Never change.

Gen 13 #19 - Simon Oliver & Carlo Barberi - B-

Car chases, clubbing,
Caitlin catches a bullet!
But strangely subdued

Serenity - Better Days #2 - Joss Whedon & Brett Mathews and Will Conrad - A

River's fish-groom dream
Book's great Scarface impression
All good fun and games

Doktor Sleepless #6 - Warren Ellis & Ivan Rodriguez - B+

Stopped comparing this
To Transmetropolitan
As of this issue.

George R. R. Martin's Wild Cards: The Hard Call - #1 - Daniel Abraham & Eric Battle - B

A strong start, I think,
Unlikely jacket aside
Let's see where this goes

*and by people, I mean crickets. Hi crickets!

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