Friday, April 4, 2008

3 Comic Book-Related Things That Make Me Happy

So, as you may have noticed, I'm a little cranky as of late. But enough negativity, ladies and gentlemen! I started this blog to bring joy into the world, not useless bitching about things I can't change. I am all about the joy of comics, goddamn it!

So, here we go!
3 Comic Book-Related Things That Make Me Happy
(And if any of you want to list 3 Comic Book-related things that make YOU happy today on your own Blog, please do!)

1. Blue Beetle's going to be animated with Batman!

More people seeing Blue Beetle on TV = More people reading Blue Beetle.
More people reading Blue Beetle = Not having one of DC's best books get canceled!

2. The Tori Amos-inspired Comic Book Anthology Looks Like It's Going To Be 33 Flavors of Awesome!

Multiple artists! Multiple writers! The songs are all used as a take-off point for original fiction - not just hashed out visual interpretations of the songs themselves! Plus, a coffee table book-sized edition! How cool is that? Huzzah!

3. New Huntress Mini-Series To Be Written by Somebody With Respect for Rucka's Work!

Sure, I don't know anything about Ivory Madison other than what I've learned in this interview. And yes, I'm a little tetchy about her preferring her as a lawyer instead of a schoolteacher. But, c'mon! This sounds awesome. This doesn't sound like we're getting Picoulted in the slightest.

Hell, there was another interview I read with her (that I can't find) where she actually talked about calling up everyone who ever wrote a Huntress run she enjoyed to chat with them . . . and Rucka actually asked her if she wanted the notes he had made and kept around to help keep her family line and associates straight. How nifty is that? Someone with so much obvious respect for the character writing her Year One makes me very happy indeed. I could only be cheerier if it was Rucka himself or Gail Simone at the helm.

My fingers are loosely crossed but I feel this strange new emotion called . . . hope? Yes, I think that's it. Hope.


SallyP said...

Oh Jaime. I'm just so delighted. And kudos for the new writer for Huntress. Actually doing her homework on the character? What a novel concept!

K. D. Bryan said...

I know! It's all delightful and shockingly unexpected.