Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's an Ambush!

You all can keep your One More Day, your Messiah Complex, your Sinestro Wars, your World War Hulk . . . 'cause I just got word that a certain bug's coming back. An AMBUSH BUG.

From the Newsarama Interview:

Newsarama: From your seat, how did this project get rolling? Was this something you pushed for?

Keith Giffen: No! No! It wasn't even my idea to put Ambush Bug in 52 - that was the big four. I pretty much figured the character had run its course. And with comic books being taken so seriously... I mean, look at this fervor over Spider-Man's marriage being dissolved by internal decree. Comics are taking themselves so seriously; I just figured the Bug had a nice little nostalgic twang to it.

And out of the blue -- and I really mean out of the blue; I was not expecting this -- Dan DiDio and Jann Jones called me up and said, "You want to do Ambush Bug? Six issues?" And I was like, "You're really asking?" [laughs] And they said, "Yeah!"

Apparently, they kind of agree with me.

NRAMA: Agree with you?

KG: Yeah. They brought it up that comics are taking themselves way too seriously, and it's time to thrash them around a bit and remind people why comic books are supposed to be fun.

NRAMA: What do you hope this brings to the DC product mix?

JJ: Simply, the return of Ambush Bug.

NRAMA: But is this series going to be in DC continuity?

JJ: This six issue series will take us from Identity Crisis all the way to Final Crisis. We will see how the presence of Ambush Bug has affected the DCU in ways you could never imagine. ...

Keith Giffen: [laughs] But basically, the premise of the six issues is that we're going to try to zero in on each of the six DC events. We'll start with Identity Crisis, then working our way through Countdown to Infinite Crisis, Infinite Crisis, 52, Countdown to Final Crisis, and Final Crisis.

In case I have not made them abundantly clear, my feelings on this news can be summed up via this photograph:

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