Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Characters Wanted

In a recent e-mail to Occasional Superheroine, I got pretty high and might about why I preferred Marvel to DC. Marvel has the characters I care about, I said, the damaged messy ones that piss me off or make me laugh. DC just had the icons and the big stories.

I stopped and thought about this today . . .

The last time I was furious about a character dying besides Layla Miller was when Big Barda went out without a fight in a kitchen. Before her, it was Knockout and before her, it was Sue Dibney and before her, Ted Kord.

The last time I got really annoyed at a character's new direction was Catwoman, then Wonder Woman (no longer - thank you Miss Simone), then the dissolution of the Secret Six.

The last time I cheered at a character's return - actually pumped my fist in the air and said "Fuck, yeah!" - was Ice. I also misted up at her reunion with Fire.

No character infuriates me or makes me quite as happy in terms of pure character arc as Batman and his passive-aggressive relationships with his Batfamily.

Yes, Emma Frost, Deadpool, Jamie Madrox, Jessica Jones and Spidey are the ones who are my favorites. They'll always be my top five.

But I think I definitely owe DC an apology.

Or at least need to send a retraction to Occasional Superheroine.*

*That and I forgot to include Y: The Last Man on my list of must-reads . . . but that's another kettle of fish.

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