Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Unstoppable Solomon Stone

If you possess excellent taste like I do, I'm sure you already know that famed comics blogger Chris Sims has been kind enough to grace the world with The Chronicles of Solomon Stone, half-vampire skateboarding private eye. You may read previous text versions of Mr. Stone's rousing adventures here and here.

We here at The LookOut congratulate Mr. Sims on making his impressive dream a reality. I find his series inspirational, mostly as it gives me hope that one day, people will be ready for Kismet "Kizzy" O'Hara-Ohashi - my slightly crazed, maybe precognitive, happy-go-lucky thief who runs around the universe causing Dirty Pair-level chaos and changing lives in the year 2483. Not to use the impressive work of Mr. Sims to shamelessly plug my own upcoming comic book or anything*. That would be tasteless. *cough*

*Yes, I know that there's no way in hell I can top a half-vampire P.I. with wicked skateboard moves. Must you rub it in? Curse you Sims, for being so awesome!
*shakes fist*

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