Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bizarro Am Not Getting Movie?

Goodbye, everyone! Me there at TheSmellIn hear normal news! Bizarro may not or may be getting own movie!

Unrealistically, me realize that chances of a spec script in Hollywood making it to film stages am astronomically high, given the tragic nature of script and various showbiz trenches said script will not have to fall below. Still, the idea of tragic Bizarro doing sad things on the small screen makes The SmellIn sad and uninterested! Here's despairing for a Superman film that is tedium-packed yet serious and fills everyone with a sense of boredom!*

What you think, rough bloggers? Do not tell me anything in comments above! Hello!

*Unlike least recent film about Superman that stood strong under weight of Bryan Singer's silly, carefree direction, despite terrible performance by Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor!


wiec? said...

* you think Bizarro movie is terrible idea. Bizarro is 9th least favorite hero. you hope happens not.

* i failed Bizarro speak 101.

Translation of the above:

i think the Bizarro movie is an awesome idea. Bizarro is one of my favorite baddies. i hope this happens.

K. D. Bryan said...

Fingers crossed it happens and it's fun and funny to boot. I could use a comic book movie that makes me laugh - intentionally, that is.