Thursday, April 23, 2009

A place-holder in which I plug other cool folks

So, Chris Sims has finished his magnum opus, The Chronicles of Solomon Stone. Well worth your time, assuming that you enjoy things that are totally sweet. Also, he even has a letters page up, wherein intelligent, handsome and clever people write to him. Ahem

Also, courtesy of Kevin Church, I find and present this amusing video of a charmingly disturbed young man named Tucker Stone reviewing comic books. It's no Haiku Reviews but it'll do to keep you from going into withdrawal while my writer's block keeps it's slimy grasp on my brainstem.

Mind you, all the tossing and crumpling of comics makes my inner 14-year-old "I need a bag and a backboard for this copy of Sleepwalker!" Nerd have a stroke.

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