Sunday, October 19, 2008

So, here's a question

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I was considering creating a Dr. Horrible costume but really, I imagine that costume's gonna be more overexposed this year than tasteless Heath Ledger Joker homages. In the end, I have decided to try for James Bond. I already have both the tuxedo and martini glass, after all. Plus, hey, obscure Buffy joke (I actually was "Military Guy" last year, courtesy of my Paintballing Gear)!

Of course, if you're a lady, there seems to be an endless variety of different and tasteful costumes for you to wear!

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First said...

Party I was going to go to was canceled so at the moment not a thing. I was Batman last year, which is good because there's no doubt I'd have to put up with people dressed as the Joker this year. I will not spend all Halloween shaking people down who want to try out their Joker voices on me. Unless of course they can do a spot on Hammil impression; then I have the time.