Friday, October 24, 2008

Am I Blue?

Linky link links for you all!

I just found an intriguing manga about everyday life. Seems very lovely and subtle.

Speaking of lovely and subtle, have you heard of Twilight Guardian yet? It's a contest-winning story about one girl's quiet misadventures patrolling a suburban neighborhood as a 'superheroine'. I like it quite a bit and plan on buying more of it when it comes out regularly.

And speaking of contest-winners, or at least, contest runner-uppers - I'm intrigued by I Hate Gallant Girl. The premise sounds cute and sort of Empowered-esque. We'll see if it lives up to both the premise and the cute preview.
(SIDEBAR: I sent in four submissions for that contest and while I was a bit saddened that none of them got in, I remember this idea being the one that got my vote out of the top five that did make it.)

And hey, speaking of that title of the post - animated Batman and Blue Beetle ahoy! I want approximately 17 of those little marshmallow amoeba thingies with laser guns as my pets, like, right now. Also, this looks pretty damned fun, no? One nitpick - I kinda wish they'd given Jaime just a little bit of an accent but considering that I'm a Hispanic guy with no accent, I'm totally okay with him not having one. See, that's how much I like this - just one nitpick! Fingers crossed that the rest of the series is just this fun and cute.

And speaking of animated things that amuse me, I hope to try out Spider-Man: Web of Shadows sometime in the future. Geeky confession: playing one of the first Spider-Man video games - with the web-slinging action and movement - was one of those rare moments where a video game made me feel like I was a kid again. I've had a weakness for Spider-Man video games ever since (save for that damnable Atari version and the Ultimate one where the web-slinging dynamic was just a hair off and it drove me a bit nuts). Anyways, this game looks like a lot of fun and I dig all the previously unused Marvel NY residents shown as having guest spots. Luke Cage smashin' stuff is always fun. Of course, I still need to finish Marvel Ultimate Alliance, so it's pretty clear that my Comic Book Video Game Geek-Fu is weak (I'm gonna see Deadpool save the universe someday if it kills me, dang it).

And hey, I know I've been bad about keeping up the blog again. Sorry, folks. I've been a bit blue. But hey, much in the spirit of Batman, I plan on turning my personal bucket of emo into motivation. Or maybe just a stirring jazz song -


Troy Hickman said...

Thanks much, K.D. Now I know I'll have at least one reader when the Twilight Guardian series comes out (I hope it's not just you and me, pal!).

K. D. Bryan said...

You're very welcome! Always glad to spread the word about great writing. :)

I'm also a big fan of Reza's art, particularly the flashback-y comic book pages.

Kat Cahill said...

Thank you for the mention, K.D. Also, I appreciate that you voted for IHGG in the contest. I hope that the book lives up to the expectations!

K. D. Bryan said...

Hi, Kat! Congratulations on getting published! Your idea really was my favorite. I really look forward to reading the full issue. :)