Friday, October 24, 2008

You're the best around

So, many, many moons ago, the always charming SallyP tagged me with a meme - what's the best comics blog post I've ever read?

It's a toughie. I'm tempted to go with the easy answers and good times. Pointing at smart blogs, linkblogs and folks in the know are tempting as well, but no. Of course, there's always turning towards drama but as they say on the streets, I save the drama for my mama.

I can't really choose just one. I've read blog posts that are thoughtful and inspiring, sweet and charming and ones that just plain confuse and frighten me.

So, if I have to chose just one blog post to say was my favorite (praying I don't snub any of you all whom I read regularly), I'd have to give the nod to this post. The auction may have fallen apart (thanks, DC) but this - this is what comics blogging is all about at it's finest.

Of course, funny memes and pictures of superheroes as hobos are also excellent uses of comics blogging. ;)


thomas said...

I just saw this. Thank you.

K. D. Bryan said...

Hey, you're quite welcome. Thank you for setting such a terrific example.