Thursday, May 28, 2009

First of the Terrible Flashback Thursday

In the process of sorting through my voluminous long boxes to find comics I can liquidate for cash (a travesty, I know), I've come across terrifying reminders of comic books I collected in the 1990's. And if there's one thing I hate, it's suffering in shame alone. So, why not have a contest? Can you place the following comic book page? Can you even Photoshop it into something "funny"? I hereby lay down the gauntlet to you, my devoted readers.*

The winners will get my utmost respect and a deep and abiding sense of accomplishment. And maybe I'll send you three random comic books of my choosing.

*Yes, after several weeks without writing a decent blog post I am finally lazy enough to hand it all over to you. Sad, I know. On the bright side, I have spent time being "funny" at other people's blogs. The charming and talented MightyGodKing was nice enough to give me the Top Comment award in a thread that caused me to laugh and then feel sad and then laugh again. And I've also possibly insulted a far greater man than myself in a desperate attempt to amuse him and win something I have always dreamed of owning. Okay, dreamed of owning since I knew it existed - happy now, pedants? Seriously, that thing is adorable. Even the Twittering Daughter of Galactus would have to find that thing totally kawaii.

Oh! And I added to Kalinara's amusing meme thing. I look forward to seeing how that turns out. I may even gank it for this here blog if the mood strikes me.


SallyP said...

I can honestly say that I don't have the foggiest idea where this is from.

K. D. Bryan said...

Since you're the only person to comment thus far, I am very tempted to declare you the winner and be done with it. Instead, I shall give out three clues.

The book has a color in it's title.

This is one of the first ten issues in the series.

This guy with the gun hands was never seen again after this issue (to my knowledge).

The Count said...

Is it Silver Sable?

Man, who would read a Silver Sable ongoing?

- The Dude Formerly Known As First

K. D. Bryan said...

Count - This is, in fact, from the ongoing Silver Sable series that I collected in my misspent youth. She reminded me of my high school sweetheart. Alas, since you produce no issue number, all you receive is a pat on the shoulder and a nod of recognition.

The Count said...

Is it one of the ones with a holographic cover?

The Count said...

Issue #3. Script by Gregory Wright. The dude's name is Gattling. Where are my comics?