Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Comic Creators For An Extremely Important Cause

So, I haven't used this blog in a while and for those of you wanting more comic book stuff from me, well, learn to cope. This is much, MUCH more important than whatever I think about Superman walking around in the suburbs or whatever the fuck else is going on in comics right now.

Kate Beaton, a funny and fantastic web cartoonist, has been getting attention for a great charity - Women For Women. Essentially, you can either make one-time donations or sponsor her and other women on a run for charity to help other women in the Congo. Women who suffer through atrocities like this (I warn you, clicking on and reading that article may make you as incoherent with fury as it made me for a very long time. I had to go punch the shit out of my bed just to be able to type this post without shaking with rage).

This is a good cause sponsored by good people. Go donate something, however much you can.

Be a real superheroine or superhero to women who desperately need it.

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