Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quick links to amuse and possibly horrify

This excellent part of a series about characters nobody likes coincidentally numbers a goodly number of Chris Claremont's kinky fetishes. All of which are troubling, of course, but none as bad as a certain reoccurring theme of Mr. John Byrne (yes, he's done that more than once). It kinda blew my mind that Magma was your entry character in that first Ultimate Alliance-y X-Men video game instead of Jubilee or Kitty Pryde.

Also, they're making a documentary about Grant Morrison's life. Hell, I'd watch it.

And in the spirit of the Season, Chris Sims has collected his 12 favorite DC Comics' Christmas Stories. Man, that Impulse story was delightful. I miss wacky Impulse.


Brian Smith said...

I think you're mixing up Chris Claremont and John Byrne in your ranking of skeezy things. Nevertheless, the links you provided were very informative and suitably skeezy. :)

K. D. Bryan said...


I thank you, Mr. Smith, for the needed correction. Sheesh. I feel embarrassed now. You read too much classic X-Men and those two get all twisted up in your brain, you know?

For the record, everyone: Claremont = Mind-control bondage soft-core lesbian action, Byrne = Creepy not-quite-pedophilia fetish. In other news, they created Kitty Pryde together, which now makes a creepy sort of sense.