Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Robot Love and More Comics Full of Pets

No, I'm not suddenly writing the 14 Robot/Human Couples I Love. Nor would I - loving a robot is just not right, people, and I say this as a man who clearly loves robots/mechas (but not in that way).

No, no - I just had to say that I love Robot 6. I especially love them for telling me about many wonderful things coming out of NYCC that I failed to mention in my last post. That Noir anthology sounds fantastic and I'm a sucker for any Jessica Jones story, despite how incredibly freakin' ridiculous the "Skrull Jarvis kidnapped my baby plotline" is. Seriously, say "Skrull Jarvis kidnapped my baby!" out loud right now. I double dog dare you to keep from busting out laughing. Speaking of dogs . . .

The most important news I missed that the alert folks at Robot 6 picked up is this - we're getting brand-new comics from Evan "Milk & Cheese" Dorkin and Jill "Scary Godmother" Thompson. Behold, Beasts of Burden. This series about pets fighting the supernatural is, quite frankly, an awesome comic book of Biblical Proportions. The Dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! Okay, maybe not that awesome, but still pretty damn cool. I've had the pleasure of reading a chapter of their work in The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings and it tied for my favorite tale in the whole anthology (Mike Richardson and P. Craig Russell’s “Gone” being my other favorite, in case that was going to keep you up nights).

Anyways, that is that. I'll get on writing more romantic posts soon, in honor of the upcoming holiday. In the meantime, go and see Chris Sims' tale of how Lois Lane managed to be a thousand times creepier than anyone who ever loved a robot.

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