Monday, February 9, 2009

Ripples and Aftershocks from New York City ComicCon

So, a few of my fellow comics bloggers were lucky enough to attend New York City ComicCon this weekend. Indeed, they got to enjoy a gala full of nerdy celebrities, living legends and many more, along with folks just chockfulla spoilerly joy. Sadly, both of these otherwise fine Bloggers have missed the most important, earth-shattering news items to slide down the Avalanche of Comic Book Awesome. Luckily, The LookOut is here from his birds-eye perch in Colorado to catch you up on all the Items they were too dazzled by stardust to catch! For instance . . .

ITEM! Holy crap guys, it's Speedball's cat Niels!


Yes, this is real.

Yes, they are coming. COMING FOR YOU.

No, they don't include Kirby the Coyote, Old Lace the dinosaur, Cosmo the telepathic Russian space dog or Tippy-Toe the Squirrel. YET. Nerds.

Yes, they could totally kick the Super-Pets asses. That Frog has Thor's Hammer, son, and we all know that Kryptonian horses, monkeys, cats and dogs are weak against magic. Yes, I'm clearly a self-loathing hypocrite.

Greg Rucka writing two new comic books for DC!

Yeah, that's pretty much the whole news Item! right there. There's a return to Detective Comics featuring Batwoman and Action Comics featuring Nightwing and Flamebird. It's nice that DC's taken all that press and attention Batwoman got two years ago and used it wisely by starting a series after all the buzz has completely vanished. Way to go, DC. Still, say what you will about the dismissal of Oracle, the Birds of Prey and Cassandra Cain to make room for the new Batlady on the block, I'm still totally there. And I don't even freakin' read any Superman comics, so this "Nightwing/Flamebird" thing is going to be a bit of headache. Oh, well.

I may be Greg Rucka's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it.

ITEM! The fate of Agent 24!

Additionally, there's some animated show or another that's going to feature the voices of Seth Green and Kevin Conroy next season. Y'know, if you're into that whole "watching awesome cartoons" scene.

ITEM! People enjoying a digest story other than Scott Pilgrim!

Yes, folks, some extremely obscure manga series about a green-haired girl has gotten a new owner and will therefore have a Brand New 6th volume released in September. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm really looking forward to Happy Happy Tiny Super Child She-Hulk Adventure Time.

That's all for now, faithful readers. The LookOut will continue to keep you all informed on the latest comic book news later - From The Outside!

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