Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy SolKwanHanuChrisTice!

Happy Holidays, everyone. I hope this Christmas brings you all the most important things in life, things that don't have price tags, like love, hope and warm memories to last a lifetime.

(The above images are from Newsarama's lovely collection of Comic Book Holiday greetings - go and take a look for yourselves. Merry Christmas, Newsarama! Thanks for being awesome.)

And y'know, failing that, I hope you get a lot of awesome things that do have price tags. ;)

BONUS CHRISTMAS VIDEO CONTENT! (and many X-Mas thanks to Bottomless Cup for the tip-off on one of these)!

(Jingle Belle belongs to Paul Dini and if you dug that, go hunt down Jingle Belle's most recent tale of Santa Claus Vs. Frankenstein)

(I listen to Los Straitjackets every Christmas. Nothing says Christmas like Mexican Surf Rock played by men in Luchadora masks.)

(To absent fictional friends. You're still eating Chocos and milk in our hearts, J'onn J'onzz.)

(And lastly, a friendly reminder - even if you heart isn't warmed by Christmas, it can still be warmed by eggnog. :P)


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The Red Monk said...

Merry Platypus LOHCAC blog!
may we never forget everyone we lost this year.