Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Saving Superman's Home

I know I've been embracing Blogging Silence for the most part lately and I'm sorry about that. It's been a busy, busy month with the DNC being in town. Luckily, I've just come across something that puts a big smile on my face.

Over at his blog, the always excellent Greg Rucka has done two things in one awesome post. He's offered up a touching defense of Superman as a concept and pointed out a massive celebrity auction to help benefit the preservation of Jerry Siegel's childhood home.

Even if you don't find the cause worthy (because you have no souls), the amazing amounts of talent lining up at this auction should grab your attention. If I had the cash, I'd be totally ponying up for a wide variety of these auction prizes. I'd especially want a role in Rucka's new PI series, Stumptown, or for a Jim Lee pin-up with me and Superman (I'd totally have Lee draw Supes as about to kick my ass, just because I find the concept hilarious). Oh, and VIP tickets to The Colbert Report? Wouldn't suck.

Go and read. Hell, donate for free if you've got the spare cash. It's well worth your time.


First said...

That does sound pretty awesome; but I suck and am financially strapped at the moment. I'd toss a bid in for the Simonson or Mignola piece later if I didn't think the price would skyrocket past $1k a few minutes after I tried though :(

First said...

Am I the only person reading this thing or what? You weren't slain by errant winds from the hurricane were you?