Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grrrr, Arrgh

Newer EXALTED cover colors
by *AdamWarren on deviantART

So, apologies for Teh Interweb Silence, gang. Things have been a trifle less than rosy in the House of The Lookout and it is you, my loyal readers, whom have suffered as a result. Don't worry, I am not dead from some horrible fate. Just not blogging overmuch.

As way of apology, please enjoy this brief preview of Empowered, Vol. 4.

More to come as time allows . . .


First said...

Hurray, more Empowered. I managed to pick up the first three volumes over the past year. The second one was particularly hard to find too, local store had it one day when I was broke so I go back the next day and it was gone already. Long story short, I have it now.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

I don't freak out. I've had to put in some "I'm alive" posts in my personal blog because I have been wrapped up in RL. Luckily, I don't expect any readers other than friends who are concerned if I'm alive or not. :D