Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Something we can all agree on (hopefully)

Look - whether you love Scans Daily or hate them, can we all agree on one thing to come out this nerdy nightmare of arguments and yelling?

Call me old-fashioned but it is never, ever appropriate to tell someone to "Die In A Fire".

Go to hell, bite me, suck a donkey's placenta, you FAIL at life - all fine. Be angry on the Internet all you want, if you must, but at least realize that the real people you're talking about may have really bad real life associations with fires and people dying in them*. There's more than a few comic book creators and comic book fans who would agree with me on that score. Yeah, I know that trying to get folks to behave like civilized adults on "Teh Interwebs" is like herding cats. Still, if this gets people to donate to help comic book people in need - even if only to prove that we comic fans are not all angry jerks with poor taste in invective - at least something good will have come out of all this freakin' drama.

*Not to mention that there's a little thing called "Critiquing the work, not the creator", but hey, I wouldn't want to talk crazy or anything.

And with that, I think I've used up my amount of pretentious "Someone is WRONG on the Internet" snark. Anyways, hope all's well on your end and I hope to have something more substantial than this up soon.


The Red Monk said...

Don't get mad ... just track them down in RL and post anything you find on 4chan.

K. D. Bryan said...

You are a troubled young man.