Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ice Cream Birthday!

Today is my birthday, ladies and gentlemen. Which one is it? Well, I'll give you a hint or three.

Batman - He Doesn’t Like Chocolate Demotivational Poster

Still nothing? Well, think about ice cream. The wonderful variety of ice creams, specifically, from vanilla to butter brickle (and cake!) to presumably delicious Superman-flavored Ice Cream (I'd probably be more apt to try a Power Girl Ice Cream but to each their own*).

Yes, the variety of ice cream flavors must measure in the dozens, at least. More than 24, certainly, but less than 36. In any case, we can be certain of one thing - I am eating a metric freakin' ton of Ice Cream this year in celebration.
That, and in two years, I totally outlive Jesus
! Take that, Son of God! Mind you, if I end up like this guy in 8 years, you all have permission to shun me.

If you feel like celebrating my birthday, feel free to provide me with comic book scans/funny drawings of superheroes/supervillains eating Ice Cream via the comments section or e-mail. I will also accept discussion of awesome ice cream of all kinds. My particular favorite is Raspberry Chocolate Melt from the Boulder-based Glacier Ice Cream (all ice cream made fresh daily!) or possibly their fresh Girl Scout Thin Mint flavor. And of course, any trip to Downtown Denver is incomplete without a visit to Gelazzi.

Yes, everyone from scientists to Andy Kaufman to Sarah McLachlan love Ice Cream. Because you know who doesn't like Ice Cream? Communists, that's who.**

*The LookOut - going for cheap laughs since, well, always. Truthfully, I am really excited about Peej's upcoming new series. While I'm not familiar enough with the character of Terra to get terribly excited, I'm a huge fan of Amanda Conner's art - she's only second to Kevin Maguire in terms of priceless facial expressions in my book. Fingers crossed this series will be well-written and do well - there's way too many good titles getting canceled lately.

**And the lactose-intolerant, of course, but I refuse to discuss Anti-Dairy Racists in my blog. :P

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