Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Yes, I know, my blogging has fallen by the wayside. Mea culpa. But of course, I have to at least stumble out of my hermit's cave long enough to wish all of y'all a Happy Turkey Day. Celebrate your Thanksgiving like a superhero - eat some turkey and try to catch the tiny man on the dinner table with your forks. The one who catches and eats him gets to make a wish!

See? It's tradition!

Anyhoo, here's a nerdy question - which comic book titles or recent developments in comics are you most thankful for?

Me, I'm thankful for Secret Six. Any book that demonstrates that wacky, nuanced character writing can survive mega-crossover after mega-crossover is something to be truly grateful for.

Oh, and The Sword! Because indie titles rock. I am deeply thankful for any non-Marvel and non-DC comics, really, just because they always surprise me, help keep the markets fun and don't force brain-destroying crossovers on us every summer. And along those lines . . .

Truthfully, I think I am most thankful that Yotsuba &! exists (Mind you, I think you should all go out and buy it instead of reading it online because, well, it's just awesome enough to deserve all your money - consider this link a tasty crack sample). Any story that makes you look at the world with a child's glee and enthusiasm for life is always worth celebrating. Not to mention the gentle innocence and kindness -

Er. Never mind.

And I'm thankful for you, my happy readers. Knowing I'm bringing a bit of comic book sunshine into the hearts of others always cheers me up. Hope your Turkey Day's a delight!

Oh, and I almost forgot - this BONUS VIDEO CONTENT summarizes what the beautiful holiday of Thanksgiving is all about:


First said...

I'm celebrating roughly my first full year reading comics. Which is a good thing because it means I've stopped buying as many CDs so my storage shortage problem hasn't been exacerbated too much. Comics come with their own storage problems though. Damnable large, white, obtrusive boxes.

Anyway, thankful for: Jack Kirby reprints, Marvel Adventures comics, Jonah Hex remaining consistent even if it is a bit rapey, Booster Gold still being good without Johns, Guardians of the Galaxy for giving Adam Warlock a place to go month after month, introduction to and subsequent devouring of all things Hellboy related, Hercules, Dark Horse apparently releasing a title for every Robert E. Howard character ever, Matt Fraction's Thor (!!!), Secret Invasion almost being over and managing to dodge most of it and the few tie-ins my regular titles being awesome, this list is getting pretty long. I think it was a pretty good year though if you couldn't tell.

Timmy said...

Now, here's something that I think about often...that DC Heroes Thanksgiving picture reminded me.

Me, being a vegetarian, I often wonder which superheroes it would make the most sense to be vegetarian also?

I would think, almost 100%, that Superman would be vegetarian...

Maybe Batman, though he would probably be on a diet of lean chicken and fish, maybe? Bruce Wayne would certainly be a meat eater....

What do you think?