Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Villains Enlightened

Chris Sims and Mightygodking have put up intriguing, in-depth studies of two of the most well-known supervillains in the world - The Joker and Lex Luthor, respectively. While I might not agree 100% on every particular point, their analyses are brilliantly done and quite worth a read. Additionally, MGK's piece links to a quintessential Lex Luthor story done up in the animated series style by none other than Mark "Wanted" Millar (believe it or not).

And then there's a series of extremely interesting studies of Batman's Rogue Gallery over at a blog ironically named Mindless Ones (who still remind me of Nextwave, btw. Ahhhh, Nextwave. How I miss you). His unique take on Poison Ivy is worth the price of admission alone (thanks for the heads-up, WFA!).


First said...

If you thought that was great wait until my dissertation on Captain Nazi!

SallyP said...

K.D. I'm tagging you for the "What's the best Blog you've ever read" meme that is going around.


K. D. Bryan said...

First, I'm sure it will be senses-shattering, sir. I'll laugh so hard if you actually do a blog post that consists of a picture of Captain Nazi followed by a single sentence.

"He's a Captain in the Nazi army."

Dang it, SallyP! This is what I get for reading good blogs, isn't it?

First said...

Captain Nazi like many of today's most endearing supervillians had his beginnings in the Golden Age funnybook Master Comics #21. In his first appearance he battled Captain Marvel, the child one not the alien, and Bulletman, who?

Captain Nazi's origins are very similar to Captain America and they in fact debuted in the same year.

There are many classic Captain Nazi tales but I will focus on the ones that helped shape the character as we know him today. Notably Whiz Comics #25 wherein Captain Nazi kills Freddy Freeman's, Captain Marvel Jr., grandfather and cripples Freddy. This tale cemented CN as a total dick that no one likes or invites to any secret societies. Notable exception being his membership in the Monster Society of Evil because Mr. Mind is a worm and really doesn't have any business organizing any sort of crime ring.

The end!