Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On Writing for Comics

While it might not be common knowledge, yours truly is gunning to actually write comics some day soon (yes, I know my irregular blogging output doesn't exactly fill you all with confidence in my ability to write 22 pages a month). So, it is with a cheerful heart that I point at these fine resources and stories:

So You Wanna Write A Graphic Novel? - good coverage of the basics and hey, I didn't know that Kirsten Baldock from Isotope Comics wrote a comic! That's awesome. If you've never been to Isotope Comics in San Francisco, btw, it's seriously the hippest, most awesome Comic Book Store in America. Find me another comic book store with leather couches and alcohol-filled signing parties, I double dog dare you. Oh, how I miss you Isotope Comics.

Alan Moore discusses the craft of writing comic books. I own and have been religiously reading "Alan Moore's Writing For Comics" and this makes a very nice supplemental conversation.

Nifty Comics Blogger gets to write Cloak and Dagger series, News at 11.
I think this is wonderful news and congratulations to Valerie on achieving her dream. Her triumph gives me hope that I might get a crack at an ongoing Deadpool series one day (fingers crossed, gang!). All I need is to get several years of experience editing in the industry and a large amount of publicity! Sorry, that was unnecessarily cynical of me. Forgive me, for I do plan on buying the crap out of this when it comes out.

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The Red Monk said...

but we all know you won't be able to do it. less then 24hours till the end of the month.