Friday, July 25, 2008

A few quick thoughts

If this map is accurate, Smallville was/is in the state of The Flash. This amuses me greatly because that means that, when Supes goes home, everybody's a rabid Flash fan instead of being geeks for Superman. I don't know why that tickles me so much.

Also, check out the new animated Batman team-up series, The Brave and The Bold - now with extra-Blue Beetle!

(In other animated news, the surprisingly awesome Spectacular Spider-Man show is also coming back for a 2nd Season, which pleases me.)

And if you're reading Helen Killer (which of course, you should be already), you might be pleased to know that the fellow behind it is going to take over the writing duties on Black Canary/Green Arrow. I've resisted picking up this title for a long time - mostly because I felt like Black Canary and GA were more interesting and natural-feeling as an on-again/off-again relationship (and also, Ollie annoys me) - but dang it if this doesn't force me to start reading the book.

And in other news, there's some sorta comic book convention going on in San Diego right now. Who knew?


SallyP said... more Winick on Green Arrow/Black Canary? Calloo callay!
And Jaime is just adorable in the new Bat cartoon.

Gosh, all KINDS of exciting things are going on.

K. D. Bryan said...

It's a crazy cavalcade of fun!