Friday, August 14, 2009


Today is an exciting day, folks!

First off, we have The Siegels getting the rights back to Superman! I'm very much for the old school creators of icons getting their due. Additionally, this will force Warner Brothers to fast track any possible Justice League notions and Superman/Batman thoughts, which may or may not be a bad thing.* In any case, I'm really interested to see what the Siegel estate will do with the character in 2013.

Secondly, AMC, the home of Mad Men and Breaking Bad, have picked up Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead to make into a TV series!** While it's not a series I follow in regular issues, I've been a fan of the series in trade format. This is not your typical zombie story. It's not one of those "hack by numbers" movies where everyone dies in two hours, amusingly or not. The Walking Dead tells a much more interesting story - how people survive day to day in a hopeless, horrible world. It's a lot smarter, moodier and character driven than just about any zombie story I've ever read. You can read the first issue of The Walking Dead for free at Image Comics, along with the first issues of a lot of their other titles, because they are clearly a very smart company***. And speaking of smart, any story where zombies are around less in the winter because they freeze up and then appear in more numbers in spring when they thaw out = CLEVER. Mind you, it's still not the cleverest zombie story I've ever seen but it's still an impressive, bleak ride. I'm very curious to see how dark they'll go with this series and how casting will shape up.

And lastly, Dark Horse Comics MyspacePresents website is, uh, presenting new comics again! Huzzah! Any site that brings us Sugarshock, Empowered in glorious color and other delightful fare is worthy of celebration.****

Again, I say huzzah!

*Since I really didn't like Superman Returns (outside of Kevin Spacey and that guy who played Jimmy Olsen), I wasn't really too psyched for a Batman/Superman movie anyways.

**I shamefully admit that I haven't watched more than a few episodes of Mad Men Season One. It's a great show and all but I just don't want to fall down a rabbit hole and get obsessed. I'm sure I'll watch it all eventually, if just because I adore Christina Hendricks (who was great in Firefly and Life, too, but I'm sure most of you haven't seen her in those regrettably canceled shows). I liked the one episode of Breaking Bad I saw, too, but the cognitive dissonance from seeing Hal from Malcolm in the Middle fingering a woman under the table during a PTA meeting kinda broke my brain a little. Anyways, hooray for AMC!

***You can also hunt around and read the first issue of The Sword for free on said site, which is another series I'm sure some of you remember me being pretty enthused about.

****I still need to get the Dark Horse TP that collects both Sugarshock and the Empowered one-shot. Any collection that has both Adam Warren art and a panel that declares "Squirrels have no souls!" clearly deserves my hard-earned cash.


Sam said...

You know, Kevin Spacey was actually one of my least favorite parts of Superman Returns. I thought Brandon Routh did a great job of stepping into Christopher Reeves' tights, but the rest of the casting was lackluster at best and ridiculous at worst (the tiny, too-young Kate Bosworth playing Lois Lane in a 5-years-later story? she was 22 In Superman 2? Nooo.)

I also liked the plot up until the Son of Superman thing. It was just too long and too silly. But overall I enjoyed Routh enough that I don't mind him being Superman in future movies.

K. D. Bryan said...

Well, you've got me there. I do give Routh props for being an absolutely terrific Clark Kent and pretty Reevesian on the whole. It was mostly just the whole "Superman as Deadbeat Dad/Jesus" storyline that left me feeling 'meh' about the entire film. And yeah, Bosworth was a totally insubstantial Lois Lane. Personally, I thought Spacey was playing up the previous Hackman "Luthor as a guy who loves his own jokes" thing to the hilt but I can see how me might have irked people.

I don't know. I just kind of want to see a more Dean Cain-ish Superman who smiles more and has more fun with being Superman. Smallville is toxic levels of emo and the Superman Returns imagery of him as our troubled messiah just doesn't sit right with me. Plus, again with the Pa Kent slaying! Grrr. I like Pa Kent, dammit.

Of course, the irony of me saying that I like a "lighter" Superman when the only "S" title I'm collecting is World of New Krypton isn't lost on me. ;)