Monday, November 30, 2009

On Jen Van Meter's Power Girl

Read here, here and especially here to understand the following.

From the Uncanny X-Men 80-Page Giant:

Armor: I never pictured you doing laundry. Aren't you a British Aristocrat?

Psylocke: Nobody else knows how to get the zombie ninja bits out of my costume.

I guess it is hard to clean a purple uniform made of unstable molecules that somehow always gets at least three large holes in it. What do you do about the oddly strategically placed holes?

Psylocke: They're called large cuts, you don't have to wash them. Look, don't you start with that. I'm trying to be nice here.

Armor: Oh, crap. No- I meant, the cuts from ninja throwing stars, kitanas and whatever. I would never joke about your costume. I love your costume.

Psylocke: Most women don't react quite that way.

Armor: Really? Because from a fighting point of view, it's perfect for who you are and what you do. It's all about contradictions.

Psylocke: Why, thank you, Armor! I've always-

Armor: See, the thong draws the eye precisely where everyone knows they're not supposed to look - putting anyone you're dealing with off-balance.

Psylocke: Ah. Yes, well, I just spent days fighting undead ninjas, so the, er, 'thong' didn't- you know, it's more of a bikini bottom, really-

Armor: See, the name says 'Psylocke', but the purple thong says 'Ninja Stripper'.

Psylocke: . . . excuse me, you cheeky little-

Armor: And not just "Ninja Stripper"! I mean it says "I'm tough enough to handle everything I am . . . including being an exhibitionist who's likely to die of exposure. Or maybe just from getting stabbed in an exposed thigh artery. Are you?"

Psylocke: . . . right. Emma Frost put you up to this, didn't she?

Armor: She gave me twenty dollars.

That bloody hypocrite.

Heh. Yeah . . . but seriously, what is up with that thong?


An Excerpt from the Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose 80-Page Giant

Tarot: . . . what is "Laundry"?

Raven Hex: I don't know. I think it's something you do when you actually wear clothes.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

That's right, folks - yours truly is now a year older! Hooray! I know I haven't exactly been burning up the blogosphere with my posts but I hope y'all will be kind enough to wish me a happy birthday anyways, preferably in the form of amusing images and links. :)

Speaking of . . .